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Top Vacuum Brands

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iRobot Roomba - The pioneer in robotic vacuums, iRobot is the most popular brand today. Their advanced navigation and mapping allow Roombas to efficiently clean entire floors. Convenient features include app control, personalized cleaning schedules, and automatic dirt disposal. The Roomba s9+ model has powerful suction and magnetic strips for thorough cleaning. A high-end choice great for convenience and automation. Can be expensive, especially higher-end models.

Shark IQ - Shark makes some of the most affordable robotic vacuums that don't compromise on power and features. Models like the Shark IQ Robot RV1001AE have excellent suction, self-emptying bases, row-by-row cleaning, and home mapping. Great for deep carpet cleaning. More budget-friendly pricing than Roomba. Limited smart home integration.

Eufy RoboVac - Anker's brand Eufy focuses on strong suction (up to 2000Pa) and quiet operation. Features like BoostIQ, app and Alexa control, and 100 minute battery life make RoboVac ideal for large spaces. The mid-range 30C model is particularly recommended from this brand. Affordably priced models compared to the competition. Not as technologically advanced for mapping.

Ecovacs Deebot - With DEEBOT robotic vacuums, Ecovacs emphasizes technological innovation and customization. LaserSmart mapping, 3D obstacle avoidance, and powerful 2600 Pa suction provide thorough home cleaning. The T8 AIVI robot has advanced object detection and room recognition capabilities powered by AI. Top choice if you want cutting-edge laser navigation technology.

Neato Botvac - Neato's Botvac line focuses heavily on technologically advanced mapping capabilities. Their floorplans, zone cleaning, and multi-floor plans allow methodical cleaning across rooms and levels. Models like the Botvac D7 have powerful turbo mode suction and large dustbins. Ideal for mess-free pet hair cleanup in large homes. Limited app control features compared to some competitors.

ILIFE - An affordable brand great for cleaning pet hair with tangle-free extractors and suction.between $150-$400. Excellent value if you want robotic vacuum basics for carpet and hard floors. Mopping and mapping capabilities not as advanced as pricier brands. But still a strong cleaner for the price.

Overall, iRobot, Shark and Eufy lead in popularity, while advanced navigation sets Neato and Ecovacs apart. Evaluate the brands based on your budget, square footage, floor types and usage needs.

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