Get $200 off the Roborock S7 Max Ultra: The Ultimate Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

WriterEmily Thompson

8 February 2024

Get $200 off the Roborock S7 Max Ultra: The Ultimate Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

If you're looking for a way to simplify your cleaning routine and keep your floors squeaky clean, my favorite robot vacuum and mop combo, the Roborock S7 Max Ultra is on sale now. This machine is capable of doing just about everything, including self-drying, self-washing, self-emptying, self-refilling, and self-cleaning. And right now, you can get all of that for $200 off, bringing the price down to $1100.

With 5,500Pa suction power, the Roborock S7 Max Ultra will keep all of your flooring surfaces free of dirt, debris, and pet hair. Couple that with Roborock's VibraRise Mopping system and your floors will be easily vacuumed and mopped all in one go.

Based on my hands-on testing, my favorite thing about this robot vacuum mop is the docking station that does all of the dirty work for you. Simply fill the clean water tank, empty the dirty water tank, and send your robot out with a few taps in the Roborock app and you won't have to lift a finger again. The Auto Mop Lifting technology ensures that none of your soft flooring surfaces, carpets and rugs alike, will get wet during the job.

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra is a machine I highly recommend if you're looking to keep your floors clean without dragging out the manual vacuum and mop. During my testing, I found that it was intelligent enough to accurately map your home and avoid common household objects, trustworthy enough that you can leave the machine running while you're at work without worrying something is being destroyed, and overall a top-notch performer so you're always satisfied with the job after it's finished.

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