Achieve Unbelievable Clean with the Tikom Robot Vacuum and Mop

WriterEmily Thompson

5 March 2024

Achieve Unbelievable Clean with the Tikom Robot Vacuum and Mop


With a family of seven and a golden retriever, I often fantasize about someone coming in to scrub my floors on a daily basis—especially all of the corners and crevices where the floor meets the cabinets that no vacuum seems to reach. It seems like no matter how hard I try, my floors are never really truly clean.

The Search for a Solution

Since I can’t afford a daily house cleaner, I’ve been doing research on a combo robot vacuum and mop instead. I finally landed on the Tikom Robot Vacuum and Mop, which has tons of stellar reviews and is 57% off with an on-site coupon at Amazon right now.

During my research, I discovered that this model has more stars and ratings than several other well-known brand names. Based on the over 2,300 five-star ratings, it’s not hard to see why. “My boyfriend has another big-name robot vacuum brand....and this one is better in every way,” noted one Amazon shopper. According to the same reviewer, the Tikom Robot Vacuum and Mop is “quiet, cleans better, more efficient, [and] costs less.”

Another thrilled customer revealed that prior to owning the “amazing” robot vacuum and mop, they thought their floors were clean. “As it turns out, they were not… [the] Tikom has picked up so much fur, dirt, and dust, it’s unbelievable,” they raved.

The Unbelievable Clean

It’s that “unbelievable” clean that I long for and the Tikom Robot Vacuum and Mop may just be the way I can finally achieve my dreams.

It works just like any other robot vacuum: after charging, you can turn it on manually or through the app or remote to run a cleaning cycle or program it to run at different times of the day or night. It can also connect through Google Home or Alexa, so you can tell it to run without lifting a finger.

The Tikom is safe for tile, wood, cement and carpet. You can also set boundary areas to keep it from cleaning restricted areas of your living space. Its petite size is also ideal: the body is only 2.99 inches tall, so it can easily maneuver under couches and low tables. It can run for 120 minutes after a full charge, and when it's low on battery, the Tikom will take itself back to the charging base to recharge.

The Mopping Experience

According to the user manual, the mopping portion of the robot isn’t as hands-free as I initially dreamed of: you have to take off the water tank (it’s not recommended to let the robot charge with any water in the tank), fill it, add a mop cloth, attach it back on, then set it to ‘mopping’ mode. However, with a full water tank, even the high-intensity moping mode will mop for 80 minutes, which is way longer than I would ever last mopping my own floors.


So if you’re a busy parent who’s just dreaming of a way to get some cleaning help, this robot vacuum and mop combo may be just what you need in your life. After all, time is money, too—and so is our sanity.

“I bought it for myself as a Christmas present and I really enjoy how much it's cut down on my cleaning time,” praised one shopper who said it may be one of the best purchases they’ve ever made. “I am shocked every time I go to empty the bin by how much it picked up that I didn't even realize was on my floors. I LOVE this little vacuum.”

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