Get the Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum & Mop on Sale Now!

WriterEmily Thompson

27 February 2024

Get the Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum & Mop on Sale Now!


Vacuuming and mopping our home aren’t exactly our favorite ways to spend our weeknights after work and/or our busy weekends. Luckily, we barely have to lift a finger to get the job done, thanks to the existence of robot vacuums. And while they can be pretty pricey, one of the best robot vacuums is currently on sale, so you can have a clean home effortlessly while saving hundreds.

The iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ Robot Vacuum & Mop

The iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ Robot Vacuum & Mop is 29 percent off on Amazon right now. Normally, this vac would cost you nearly $1,400. But with this deal, you’ll be able to snag this editor-beloved model for about $1,000.

The Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

Named the best overall in our guide to the best self-emptying robot vacuums, the iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ was given this title by our team for a myriad of reasons, including its mop component. “Aside from its well-documented performance smarts and reliability, this latest flagship Roomba includes an auto-fill capability for its mopping function. The j9+ automatically empties debris and refills the robot’s reservoir with liquid for 30 days of autonomous mopping,” Contributor Stewart Wolpin writes in our guide. “Best of all, the j9+’s mop head lifts up and back onto the Roomba to keep dirty mop water from accidentally dripping onto your carpet or rugs.”

But the mop function isn’t the only part of this model that is self-emptying; the vacuum feature is, too, allowing you to go for two months before needing to clear out the base. Plus, this robot vacuum is equipped with features like SmartScrub to really go hard on the parts of your floor that need it most as well as Dirt Detective to make sure the areas of your home that require heavier cleaning get tended to right off the bat. Better yet, you can have your handy dandy robot vac take care of everything while you’re at work, so you can just come home to a nice, clean house.


Why waste time in your booked-up schedule to vacuum and mop when you can have a robot vacuum do it for you — especially when you can get the best for less?

Shop the iRobot Roomba Combo j9+ on Amazon.

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