Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra: The Ultimate 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop

WriterEmily Thompson

18 February 2024

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra: The Ultimate 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Are you tired of spending hours vacuuming and mopping your floors? Do you wish there was a way to keep your home clean without all the hassle? Look no further than the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, the ultimate 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop.

The Evolution of Hybrid Robot Cleaners

In the past, hybrid robot vacuums and mops were often mediocre at both tasks. They struggled to effectively clean floors and often left behind dirt and debris. However, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has changed the game. This high-performance robot cleaner excels at both vacuuming and mopping, providing a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

Loaded with Features

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra comes loaded with a wide range of features that make it stand out from the competition. It not only vacuums and mops floors, but it also cleans its own mop pad and refills the onboard tank. Additionally, it has a self-emptying dock that takes care of emptying the dustbin, making maintenance a breeze.

But that's not all. The S7 MaxV Ultra even has a live view camera, allowing you to keep an eye on your pets when you're away. It's like having a personal surveillance system for your furry friends.

Impressive Performance

In terms of performance, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra delivers outstanding results. In lab tests, it earned an overall cleaning performance score of 91.26, putting it on par with top-tier robot vacuums like the iRobot Roomba j7+. It excelled at picking up dirt and debris on hardwood floors, earning near-perfect scores. It also performed well on carpets, although it struggled slightly with pet hair pickup.

Innovative Mopping Technology

One of the standout features of the S7 MaxV Ultra is its VibraRise mopping technology. This innovative system adds a true scrubbing motion to the microfiber pad by sonically vibrating the mopping plate. It also raises the plate when carpet is detected, ensuring that your carpets stay dry during the mopping process. This technology, combined with the self-cleaning Empty Wash Fill Dock, makes mopping a breeze.

User-Friendly App and Mapping

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra comes with a user-friendly app that allows you to control and customize your cleaning experience. You can create maps for multiple floors, set no-go zones, and even mark obstacles for future cleaning runs. The app also offers live view options, allowing you to check on your robot and your home from anywhere.

Price and Verdict

It's important to note that the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra comes with a hefty price tag of $1,299. However, if you're looking for the ultimate 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop, it's worth the investment. With its impressive performance, innovative features, and user-friendly app, the S7 MaxV Ultra is a top contender in the world of robot cleaners.

In conclusion, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a game-changer in the world of hybrid robot cleaners. It combines powerful vacuuming and mopping capabilities with innovative features and user-friendly controls. While it may be expensive, its performance and convenience make it a worthwhile investment for those who want a clean and hassle-free home.

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