The Miele DuoFlex HX1 Vacuum Cleaner: A Comprehensive Review

WriterEmily Thompson

15 May 2024

The Miele DuoFlex HX1 Vacuum Cleaner: A Comprehensive Review

Key Takeaways:

  • Sturdy and Well-Built: The Miele DuoFlex HX1 is a robust cordless vacuum, showcasing good suction power but is on the heavier side.
  • Pet Owners, Take Note: The Cat & Dog version excels at removing pet hair from upholstery but is limited by its small dustbin.
  • Tailored for Smaller Spaces: Ideal for smaller homes due to its compact dustbin and shorter battery life.
  • Variety of Models: Offers different versions with unique tools to suit various cleaning needs without unnecessary extras.
  • Innovative Features: Auto floor detection and a self-cleaning filter add convenience, despite some basic drawbacks.

The Miele DuoFlex HX1 stands out in the crowded vacuum market, promising Miele's renowned durability and practical design, this time in a cordless format. It's the European brand's answer to affordable cordless cleaning, with several versions tailored to different user needs. Among them, the Cat & Dog version I tested brings something special to the table for pet owners, though with caveats that might not make it the ultimate choice for every home.

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Design and Features

The DuoFlex HX1 is designed to mirror the power of Miele's traditional bagged vacuums, in a cordless form. It boasts a sturdy build, with a range of tools depending on the model, including the Electro Compact brush in the Cat & Dog version for pet owners. However, its weight and small dustbin might not suit everyone, particularly those with larger homes or heavy-shedding pets.

Performance and Usability

On testing, the vacuum's robust build and good suction were immediately apparent, as was its weight. The automatic floor type detection and self-cleaning filter are highlights, streamlining the cleaning process. Yet, the small dustbin, somewhat messy emptying process, and short battery life present challenges, especially in larger spaces or homes with pets.

Pricing and Availability

Launched in the UK in the summer of 2024, with plans to expand to the US and Australia, the Miele DuoFlex HX1's pricing varies by model, offering options for different budgets and needs.

Tools and Cleaning

Each version of the HX1 comes equipped with a set of standard tools, with special additions like the Electro Compact brush for tackling pet hair. The vacuum's design allows for easy switching between tools, enhancing its versatility. However, the vacuum's bulkiness can limit its usability in tight spaces, like car interiors.

Battery Life and Maintenance

The DuoFlex HX1's battery life varies significantly depending on the power setting and floor type, with a maximum of 21 minutes on hard floors. Its innovative ComfortClean system eases filter maintenance, but regular cleaning and the small dustbin's frequent emptying might deter some users.

Conclusion: Is the Miele DuoFlex HX1 Right for You?

The Miele DuoFlex HX1 is a solid, well-designed vacuum catering to a variety of cleaning needs. Its durability and specialized tools, particularly for pet owners, make it a strong contender. However, its weight, small dustbin, and short battery life may limit its appeal, especially for larger homes or those with multiple pets. It excels in smaller spaces and for those seeking Miele's reliability in a cordless form, making it a worthy consideration for the right buyer.

Personal Experience and Expertise

With over 15 years of vacuum reviewing experience, including a significant tenure at the Good Housekeeping Institute in London, I've seen it all when it comes to vacuums. The Miele DuoFlex HX1, with its unique features and limitations, offers a mixed bag that will suit some users perfectly, while others might find it lacking. Knowing your specific needs and preferences is key to determining if it's the right vacuum for your home.

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