The Ultimate Guide to Robot Vacuums: Cleaning Made Easy

WriterEmily Thompson

20 February 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Robot Vacuums: Cleaning Made Easy

The Ultimate Guide to Robot Vacuums: Cleaning Made Easy

The way robot vacuums simplify our cleaning is something to behold. The ability to set and forget a vacuum cleaner has been a game-changer for busy people, who can now use their cleaning time for a bit more enjoyment or relaxation.

But did you know that some of these devices can also mop your floors? Even if you have hard flooring and carpet, they can switch up their programming to clean as needed in each room of your house.

Given how swamped the market is with robot vacuums, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. We've broken down a list of great options, from top-quality and mid-tier to the most affordable – yep, even the cheapest ones have stellar reviews online.

Get ready to save yourself some precious time at home.

Affordable options (with fantastic ratings)

This is a really high-quality vacuum worth the investment. With app connectivity, you can select the areas of the home you want cleaned and know the robot will follow your direction. You can also mark reserved areas to avoid obstacles on the floor. As for mopping, it has a 160mL water tank and can adjust water flow on three levels with a peristatic pump.

The HONITURE G20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is another affordable option that still pulls off an amazing job. It has a built-in dust box, which makes it easy to remove for easy cleaning. It also has a water tank that can also be placed inside the vacuum, allowing for a simple sweep, vacuum, and mop transition.

"This product has saved me hours of vacuuming," one reviewer said. "Not only that, but the vacuum job itself is very good, my floorboards are spotless and dust-free."

Get it here for $399.

Top quality options

Described as a 'Clean Station', this clever robot can carry out vacuuming and mopping duties from its home charging base. It has 5000Pa suction power, and dual rotating pressurised pads that replicate human hands mopping the floor. The station has a twin-tank system that supports its auto-cleaning and auto-water refill abilities. TrueMapping technology and AI computing power also make for excellent mapping skills and obstacle avoidance.

Currently $1498 on Amazon, you can apply an Amazon Coupon to bring it down to $1000.

The Eureka E10s has a range of excellent features that make it worth the $1099 price tag. It has 4000Pa suction power, offering a deep clean of hard floors and carpets, and can intelligently detect which surface it is on. The Eureka can then lift the 10mm on carpets, avoiding getting any water on your carpet, while dual brush heads work to vacuum the carpet and clear it of dust, dirt and impurities. The device is also app-compatible, allowing you to set up a cleaning routine and zones of your house and elect which area the robot can clean for you.

You can also apply a $250 coupon on this vacuum at the moment, bringing the price down to $849.

Mid-tier options

Although the Laresar Robot Vacuum has enhanced suction power up to 3500Pa, it can adjust its power for deeper cleaning no matter the surface – wood, ceramic, or carpet. The mop function has three levels of water output, which you can select via the app, for your varying cleaning needs. It also has Google Home and Alexa connectivity, allowing for voice control.

"This is the one household device that saves us so much time and effort," one reviewer raved on Amazon.

"This is my first robot vacuum cleaner, it works great. It vacuums every day at the same time and is doing great keeping the house clean," another wrote.

This affordable model is also highly rated by users, with a 4.3-star rating across 2200 ratings. It has 3000Pa suction, three modes, two side brushes and a roller brush for its vacuuming component. It also has a precision micro-control water pump, with three levels of water flow adjustment to aid in the mopping.

This one also has a coupon offer, with $250 removed from the $549.99 price tag, bringing it down to $299.99.

Another ECOVACS model, this brand knows what they're doing when creating their various crawlers. The DEEBOT N8 has 2300Pa suction power, and can move up to 99 per cent of bacteria. Using the OZMO mopping system, you can choose four moisture levels for your different floor types, allowing different settings on laminate, wood, or tiles. You can set this up via the app, which also allows you to schedule cleaning or check in on the progress of your robot while you're not at home.

With a $100 coupon on offer, you can get it for $499 now.


Robot vacuums have revolutionized the way we clean our homes. With their ability to vacuum and mop, these devices save us time and effort, allowing us to focus on more enjoyable activities.

When it comes to choosing the right robot vacuum for your needs, there are plenty of options available. From affordable models with fantastic ratings to top-quality options with advanced features, there is something for every budget and cleaning requirement.

The affordable options, such as the HONITURE G20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, offer great value for money. With app connectivity and adjustable water flow, these vacuums provide efficient cleaning and mopping capabilities.

For those looking for top-quality options, the 'Clean Station' robot vacuum stands out with its powerful suction, dual rotating pads, and advanced mapping technology. The Eureka E10s is another excellent choice with its intelligent surface detection and dual brush heads for effective carpet cleaning.

If you're in the mid-tier range, the Laresar Robot Vacuum and the ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 are worth considering. With their adjustable suction power and mop function, these vacuums can handle various surfaces and provide a thorough clean.

Ultimately, the right robot vacuum for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Consider factors such as suction power, mopping capabilities, app connectivity, and user reviews when making your decision.

Investing in a robot vacuum will not only save you time and effort but also ensure that your floors are consistently clean. So why not treat yourself to this modern cleaning marvel and enjoy a cleaner, more relaxing home?

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