Top 5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in India: Features and Recommendations

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19 February 2024

Top 5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners in India: Features and Recommendations

Cleaning your home can be a daunting task, especially in an Indian household where daily brooming and mopping are essential to maintain cleanliness. However, there are days when house help is unavailable, and we find ourselves unable to keep up with the chores. This is where robotic vacuum cleaners come to the rescue. With just a single command, these intelligent machines can independently clean your home, saving you time and effort.

But with so many options available in the market, how do you choose the ideal robotic vacuum cleaner for your home? In this article, we will discuss the key features to consider and provide a list of the top 5 robotic vacuum cleaners in India under 40000 rupees.

Key Features to Consider

When selecting a robotic vacuum cleaner, there are several features you should look out for:

1. Superior Cleaning Power

The primary purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to clean effectively. Look for models with high suction power that can efficiently remove dust, debris, hair, and other small particles from your floors.

2. Mopping Prowess

If you want a hybrid cleaner that can vacuum and mop at the same time, consider models that offer this feature. This will ensure a thorough cleaning of your floors.

3. Big Bin or Self-Empty Dock

A large dustbin or a self-empty dock is convenient as it reduces the frequency of emptying the bin. This is especially useful if you have a larger home or if you prefer less maintenance.

4. AI-Powered Obstacle Avoidance

To prevent your robotic vacuum cleaner from getting stuck or damaging furniture, look for models with AI-powered obstacle avoidance technology. These cleaners can navigate around obstacles and adjust their path accordingly.

5. Reliable Mapping

A good mapping system is essential for efficient cleaning. Look for models that can map your home and remember the main areas to cover. This will ensure that no corner is left untouched.

6. Easy-to-Use App and Voice Control

Having an easy-to-use app and voice control feature allows you to control your robotic vacuum cleaner from anywhere. You can schedule cleaning sessions, change cleaning modes, and even control its path using your smartphone or smart speakers.

7. Good Battery Life

Consider the battery life of the robotic vacuum cleaner. Longer battery life means more cleaning time without interruptions. Look for models that can clean for at least an hour on a single charge.

Top 5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Under 40000 Rupees

Now that you know what features to look for, let's dive into our top 5 picks for robotic vacuum cleaners in India:

1) ILIFE V3s Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The ILIFE V3s Max is a hybrid robotic vacuum cleaner that offers both vacuuming and mopping capabilities. With its high suction power and multiple cleaning modes, it can effectively clean every corner of your home, including hard-to-reach areas. The ILIFE V3s Max can be controlled through various methods, including remote control, smartphone control, and voice control via Alexa and Google Home. This vacuum cleaner is best suited for Indian homes as it can effortlessly clear dust, debris, hair, and other small particles. Price: Rs 16,900

2) Laresar Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

The Laresar Robot Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for those who want to keep their carpets clean. With its special auto carpet boost feature, it ensures that all the carpets in your home are dust-free and safe. The vacuum cleaner has a strong suction power of 4500 Pa and is equipped with a NIDEC motor for high performance and speed. It also has a long battery life of 180 minutes, allowing you to clean for as long as you want on a single charge. Price: Rs 18,990

3) Dreame DreameBot D9 Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

The Dreame DreameBot D9 Max is a versatile robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean all kinds of surfaces, including hard floors, tiles, marble, stone, and carpets. It is compatible with an app control system and can remember your house's map for efficient cleaning. The vacuum cleaner also has a maximum suction power of 4000Pa, making it suitable for cleaning up after infants or pets. Price: Rs 24,999

4) Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop

If you prefer a trusted brand, the Eureka Forbes Robo Vac N Mop is an excellent choice. This vacuum cleaner is specially designed for cleaning hard floors and comes with dual modes for wet and dry cleaning. It has mapping technology to efficiently clean every corner of your home and a 3200mAh battery for automated cleaning. Price: Rs 17,999

5) Tapo TP-Link RV30 Plus Lidar Navigation Robot Vacuum

For those who want advanced technology, the Tapo TP-Link RV30 Plus is a great option. It comes with real-time voice reporting and a 5-hour cleaning feature. The vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts its mode from normal to auto boost when transitioning from hard floors to carpets. It also has a customization mode for each room, allowing you to decide the type of cleaning required. Price: Rs 36,999


Choosing the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner for your home can make your life easier and ensure that your home is always clean. Consider the key features mentioned above and compare the specifications of different models to find the one that suits your needs and budget. With the right robotic vacuum cleaner, you can enjoy a clean and tidy home without the hassle of manual cleaning.

Disclaimer: The prices mentioned in this article are subject to change. Please refer to trusted websites for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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