Unmissable Tech Deals This Tuesday: Smart Plugs, OLED TVs, Apple Bargains, and More!

WriterEmily Thompson

23 April 2024

Unmissable Tech Deals This Tuesday: Smart Plugs, OLED TVs, Apple Bargains, and More!

Key Takeaways

  • Score big with Nooie smart plugs at an unbeatable price of $3.75 each in a 4-pack deal.
  • Dive into discounts on Blink cameras starting at $19.99 and Roomba vacuums from $179.99.
  • Don't miss out on LG OLED TVs with savings up to $700, and grab Apple deals hitting all-time lows.

Tuesday's tech deals are so hot they're practically on fire, and we're here to fan the flames! Whether you're a gadget guru or just looking to upgrade your tech game, today's deals have something for everyone. From smart home essentials to the pinnacle of TV technology, and of course, those can't-miss Apple steals, we've got the lowdown on the best bargains out there.

🚨 Featured Deal

  • Unlock Savings: Snap up an unlocked Samsung A34 for just $399.99 and score a free $40 Amazon gift card.

🏠 Smart Home Steals

  • Nooie Smart Plugs: Enhance your home's IQ with Nooie smart plugs for just $3.75 each in a 4-pack for $14.99. Compatible with Alexa, Google, and smartphone apps, these plugs are a smart buy.
  • Blink Mini Security: Keep an eye on your domain with the Blink Mini home security camera at $19.99, or upgrade to the Blink Mini 2 for $29.99.
  • Roomba Cleans Up: Tidy your space with Roomba deals starting at $179.99.

📺 Epic Entertainment

  • LG OLED TV Deals: Transform your viewing experience with up to $700 off LG OLED TVs.

🍎 Apple Deals Galore

  • AirPods & MacBooks: From entry-level AirPods at an all-time low of $89 to deep discounts on the M1 MacBook Air and more, Apple deals are ripe for the picking.
  • iPad & Apple Watch: Grab the 9th-Gen iPad for $249 or the Apple Watch SE for the lowest price of 2024 at $189.

🚀 Trending Sales

  • Narwal Freo X Ultra: Revolutionize cleaning with $200 off the Narwal Freo X Ultra robot vacuum & mop.
  • Cooling and Computing: Prepare for summer with deals on Dreo tower fans and save big during ASUS Deal Days.
  • On the Move: Get up to 29% off Segway E-Scooters and light up your life with Govee LED smart bulbs at $6.25 each in a 4-pack.

🎮 Gaming and Gadgets

  • Rare Console Deals: Save $25 on Nintendo Switch, PS5 Slim, and more.
  • Dyson and Ninja Kitchen: Clean up with Dyson cordless vacuums on sale and crisp your snacks to perfection with the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer at a bargain price.

Don't let these deals slip through your fingers! Dive into the tech treasure trove and upgrade your gear without breaking the bank. Remember, these deals are as fleeting as they are fabulous, so act fast!

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