Xiaomi X20+ Review: A Stellar Budget Robot Vacuum That Raises the Bar

WriterEmily Thompson

9 May 2024

Xiaomi X20+ Review: A Stellar Budget Robot Vacuum That Raises the Bar

Key Takeaways

  • Timeless Design Meets Advanced Features: Despite its conservative design, the Xiaomi X20+ introduces self-cleaning functionalities in its base station, offering a mix of tradition and innovation.
  • Effortless Setup and Smart Navigation: Setting up the X20+ is a breeze, with two apps available for a smooth experience. Its mapping capabilities are a highlight, ensuring efficient navigation.
  • Customizable Cleaning Options: The X20+ allows for detailed customizations in cleaning settings, although it lacks specific features for carpet cleaning, which might be a minor drawback for some users.
  • Impressive Performance on Smooth Surfaces: Excelling in cleaning smooth surfaces, the X20+ shows its strengths with good suction power and mop cleaning, though its performance on carpets could improve.
  • Outstanding Value for Money: Priced at 400 euros, the Xiaomi X20+ offers exceptional value, competing with other budget robot vacuums while providing a low-maintenance solution for daily cleaning needs.

The Xiaomi X20+ robot vacuum doesn't venture far in terms of design, sticking closely to its predecessors, the X10 and S10+. However, it stands out with its self-cleaning features incorporated into the base station, making it a noteworthy addition to Xiaomi's lineup. While the robot maintains a "timeless design", its base station is notably high, equipped with a dirty water tank and a 4-liter container for clean water, enhancing its self-maintenance capabilities (First reported by: Nextpit).

Effortless Setup and Smart Navigation

Getting the X20+ up and running is straightforward, requiring minimal setup before it's ready to explore your living space. With the option to use either the Mi Home app or the Xiaomi Home app, users can enjoy a seamless software experience. The robot's mapping prowess is immediately apparent, offering a glimpse into its efficient navigation skills. Despite not recognizing all rooms initially, the app allows for easy map corrections and edits, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

The X20+ doesn't shy away from customization, offering a plethora of settings to tailor the cleaning process to your needs. Whether you're adjusting the suction and mopping levels or setting up no-go zones, the X20+ ensures your floors are cleaned your way. However, the absence of a dedicated carpet function is a minor inconvenience, requiring manual addition and adjustment for optimal cleaning.

Performance: A Mixed Bag with a Silver Lining

On smooth surfaces, the X20+ shines, boasting impressive suction power and effective mopping. It managed to pick up a significant majority of oat flakes and sand in tests, demonstrating its prowess on hard floors. However, its performance on carpets leaves room for improvement, with less convincing suction and the tendency to leave damp edges after mopping. The lack of carpet detection further complicates matters, underscoring the importance of setting up no-go zones for best results.

Despite these challenges, the X20+'s ability to handle pet hair with ease is commendable, rivaling models nearly double its price. Its thorough cleaning of mops and efficient navigation, even in poor lighting conditions, further attest to its capabilities as a budget-friendly yet high-performing robot vacuum.

Conclusion: Exceptional Value for a Budget Robot Vacuum

At 400 euros, the Xiaomi X20+ stands out as a formidable contender in the budget robot vacuum market, offering a blend of functionality, ease of use, and performance that is hard to beat. While it excels on smooth surfaces, its performance on carpets could see improvements. Nonetheless, its comprehensive feature set, including customizable cleaning options and smart navigation, make it a compelling choice for those seeking a high-quality cleaning solution without breaking the bank.

In a landscape where price often dictates performance, the Xiaomi X20+ challenges the norm, providing a low-maintenance, efficient cleaning companion that promises to keep your living spaces immaculate. Whether you're navigating the world of robot vacuums for the first time or looking to upgrade without splurging, the Xiaomi X20+ deserves a closer look.

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